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Digital Growth Tools to Boost your Business

Digital Growth Tools to Boost your Business

It’s no news that most businesses (both big and small) are all rushing online now to digitize their models. 

Why? Because they’ve seen the trends and need to quickly adjust to the new normal where customers are better converted online. 

What does this tell you? 

It means for you to sell more and gain more customers, you have to digitize your sales channels, especially now. 

To achieve this, I’ve put together 10 digital growth tools you’ll need. Use any these tools properly (as they apply to your business) to skyrocket your sales, acquire new customers or create more brand awareness or visibility.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. What this means is that if you sign up with any of the links, we get a little commission at no extra cost to you, in fact, you get discounts from some of our affiliates.

Here are the 10 digital growth tools you need for your business. 


Constant Contact

Here is the thing… If you are a small business, want a solution that provides you with everything all in one place and you want to grow very fast, Constant Contact is for you. 

Why do I say so? 

Constant Contact allows you to send unlimited customized emails to your customers with the option of resending to those that haven’t opened your last sent emails, schedule and post directly on you social media channels at the click of a button, create amazingly beautiful landing pages for specific products, create professional looking logos and the best part, build a fully functional website, blog or online store in less than 5 minutes! 

With Constant Contact‘s logo maker, you create not only logos but mockups for all your brand kits such as envelopes, branded T-shirts, mug cups and many others. 

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How’s all that even possible? 

Well, ask Constant Contact! Although they are a full email service provider, they offer additional services for small businesses that want to grow really fast. 

An amazing support team is there to help you onboard your online business.

Unlike most of their competitors, you can call them or ask them to call you plus you can send instant chat messages or emails for immediate feedback. 

They do all these for a token of $20 monthly. However, if you want to include a website, it’s an additional $10. Pretty cheap because they simply make your business run smoothly from one place. 

Bonus: You can run social media and Google Ads right inside your Constant Contact account or even generate new leads with ease via your social media handles or site. 

You can even create events and set up surveys right inside of your Constact Contact account.

Want to give Constant Contact a try? Create an account here.


Buffer.com (Digital Growth Tool)

Another amazing tool is Buffer for social sharing. It’s a powerful piece of digital tool used for social sharing. Let’s just say you’re the busy type or you just don’t have time to post across all your social media handles, Buffer helps with all of these tasks. With a click, you can cross-post on all your social media handles. 

How amazing? 

Now, let’s say you are going on a trip and so you won’t be able to post or engage with your audience for the next 5-10 days, you can schedule all your posts right inside of Buffer to go out at your specified time and day. 

Buffer Social Scheduler (Digital Growth Tool)

Cool, right? 

The sweet part is that Buffer allows you to connect up to 3 social media accounts on its free plan. That’s enough for a standard business that only operates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Alternatives to Buffer are Later and Hootsuite.

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Canva.com (Digital Growth Tool)

Thinking of creating any kind of designs? 

Look no further. 

Check out Canva

As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I used a professional graphic artist. This is because I can do so much more with pre-built templates right inside of Canva.

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content.

It is available on web and mobile and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations.

It allows you to create beautiful designs such as logos, pdfs, ebooks, presentation slides, infographics, social media cover photo banners, social media post images, flyers, and many others. 

With Canva‘s free plan, you’re good to go. However, you can pick up their cheap premium plan for extra functionality if you ever need to. By the way, it comes with a 30-day free trial.

Want to learn how to use Canva? Watch this short video to become a Canva pro in a little while.


Google My Business

Run a local business and want more visibility when people search for businesses, services or products related to yours? 

Then you need a Google My Business account set up immediately. 

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. That includes adding your business name, location, and hours; monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where and how people are searching for you, and more.

If you are just starting out and looking to increase sales and visibility for your business online, your Google My Business listing is a great place to focus your early efforts. After all, when people search for a product or service near them, they’re usually very close to making a purchase or even visit your store if nearby. 

So it’s important the information about your business that shows up when people search Google is as accurate, complete, and optimized as possible.

How to Create a Google My Business Account

Creating a Google My Business account is pretty easy. Just follow the steps (video)

Step 1: Log in to the Google account you want to be associated with your business (or create a Google account if you don’t already have one).

Step 2: Go to google.com/business and select Start now in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: Enter your business name.

Step 4: Enter your business address. 

Step 5: If you go to your customers’ locations, rather than having them come to you, check the box I deliver goods and services to my customers. And if you work out of your house or another address you don’t want publicly shown, Check Hide my address (it’s not a store) Only show region. Finally, select your Delivery area.

Step 6: Choose your business category. Try to choose the most accurate category possible — you’re essentially telling Google which type of customers should see your business listing.

Step 7: Add your business phone number or website.

Step 8: Choose a verification option. If you’re not ready to verify your business yet, click “Try a different method” → “Later.”

While I usually advise that you verify using your email address or phone number, other forms of verification are postcard, instant and bulk verification.

How to Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Once you’ve verified your business, it’s time to finish fleshing out your profile. 

Go to the Google My Business dashboard, click the listing you’d like to work on, select Info, and then choose a section to fill out or update.

Add as much information and media as you can, including a business profile photo, the area you serve, your hours, attributes (e.g. “wheelchair accessible,” “free wifi”), the day and year you opened, and a public phone number and website URL.

Anyone can suggest an edit to your listing, so it’s important to A) get everything right the first time (so you don’t encourage random people to make their own changes) and B) periodically log into your GMB dashboard and make sure all the details look right.

At any point in time, you can edit your business profile by logging into your GMB dashboard, clicking on Info, clicking the pencil next to the field you’d like to edit, making your change, and then choosing Apply.

Did I mention that you can create a free website on Google My Business? Yes, you can. Google will use the information you supplied to make you a website for your business if you want.

However, the website may not be fully satisfactory as you want. If you want a really good website, you should click here for my free assistance.

Note that you can make use of Google My Business for your online visibility pending the time you get a website, however, it’s not the best not to have a website if you are serious about your business.

Want to give Google My Business a try? Click here to set up an account today.


Google Search Console (Digital Growth Tool)

It’s a free tool offered by Google just like Google My Business. The only difference is that Google Search Console provides you with data about how visitors encounter your website everywhere else on the web.

Using the Search Console can help you understand why your site is performing well (or poorly) in the organic results. 

It also makes sure that Google has access to your content, helps you monitor spam issues to keep your site clean.

Finally, it can help you submit new content to crawl and allows you to remove old content.

Google Search Console is a great tool if you really want to take your site ranking on search engine seriously.

If you already own a website, learn how to set up Google Search Console by clicking here.


Chatbots (Digital Growth Tool)

These are bots that can be used to answer questions, recommend products, qualify leads, automate tasks, and perform other functions to benefit your brand.

They’re ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses, ecommerce retailers, nonprofits, and more.

You can integrate them with Facebook and also have them function on your website, blog or ecommerce store.

The major reason why I like chatbots is because they work round the clock generating leads, solving problems, answering questions and engaging your audience, customers or prospects.

An example is the one below.

Chatbots work in a very smooth and amazing manner. Pass them an instruction, they will never disappoint.

They can easily help you do the following on your site:

  1. Drive more sales
  2. Enable fast customer support
  3. Help save abandoned carts (if you run an e-commerce business, it can help you convert more sales from the cart)
  4. Automate customer service
  5. Generate an unending list of leads

Although there are many chatbot solutions, I recommend any of these: Tidio, Chatfuel, ManyChat or MobileMonkey.

Learn how to use: Tidio, Chatfuel, Manychat or MobileMonkey.



Thinking of generate more leads through surveys?

Typeform or Google Forms is your best bet.

With Google Forms or Typeform, you can create and analyze surveys right in your mobile or website.

In addition, Google Forms allows you to manage event registrations, create a quick opinion poll, and much more.

While Google Forms is 100% free, Typeform has both free and paid plans. With Typeform, you can make more beautiful forms that are highly interactive. The result is that you’ll increase the number of leads generated in no time.

See how to use Google Forms and Typeform.

Check out both Typeform and Google Forms to know which fits perfectly for your business.


Whatsapp for business (Digital Growth Tool)

Another amazing tool you can use to immensely increase your sales and customer service is Whatsapp for Business

Like Whatsapp, it’s a free messaging app for small and big business owners. It works similar to the WhatsApp messenger. Small businesses can connect better with their customers with WhatsApp Business.

With Whatsapp for Business, businesses can now have additional features and functionality to grow and increase sales for their businesses.

This amazing business tool allows you to create a business profile, manage your messaging statistics, set your business times, send speedy automated responses, group your chats with labels and send a broadcast message to a particular set of people or customers.

Did I mention that your Whatsapp for Business app can also serve as your website or product landing page? Yes, it can.

If you don’t already have a website, you can temporarily use the app to collect purchases, leads and also customer service. After all, the app allows you to copy and share your link from inside the app for people or customers to find you.

Click here for my ultimate guide or walkthrough on Whatsapp for Business. Get started with Whatsapp for Business on your mobile phone for Android or iPhone.


Are you still asking if it’s worth having a website, an online store or a blog for your business?

Well, think again because the answer is YES.

The website that you build is the hub for all other modes of communication and marketing you use to engage and educate your audience. A company website should be the destination where all other advertising, public relations, and social media is pointed.

Having a website, a blog or an online store will give you the following in a very short time:

  • improve your business credibility
  • build your business
  • showcase your work
  • create a tool for sales generation
  • boost your reputation as an authority
  • enhance your online presence
  • build a strong relationship with your market
  • provide you with efficient ways to promote your business or passion, etc.

I believe that by now you’re no longer doubting why you need a website, blog or an online store.

Even though there are several ways you can build a site, one of the easiest tools to use is WordPress. In fact, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog.

With WordPress, you can create a website, blog or an ecommerce store in minutes.

Click here to learn how to create a blog that makes money.

To create a website, online store or blog, you will primarily need 3 things: a domain name, a web hosting account and a WordPress theme.

NOTE: If you want us to assist you to set up your blog, website or online store for free, click here now to complete a 2-step process or you can contact me via Whatsapp.


Telegram (Digital Growth Tool)

It is an online messaging app that works just like popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means that you can use it to send messages to your friends, customers and community.

Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram allows you to have a very high number of group members and even create a channel for your business, passion, audience or community.

Like YouTube channels, you can start a channel on Telegram and grow it with a lot of subscribers where you make a lot of money.

As a matter of fact, Telegram channels or groups can easily out-perform emails because of higher open rates Telegram app offers. In other words, your followers or subscribers are more likely to open and read what you share on Telegram unlike via email.

While Telegram groups are ideal for sharing stuff with friends, family and collaboration in small teams, Telegram Channels are a tool for broadcasting messages to large audiences. In fact, a channel can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

In other words, if you have a community you can grow it further on Telegram knowing that most of them will see your messages in a few seconds or minutes. This record surpasses YouTube’s.

Not on Telegram yet? Click here to download your preferred version today.



Lastly, Screencast-O-Matic is a screen capture software that can be used to create video from your screen (i.e. short lectures or course tours), and it doesn’t require you to download any software. Free to use, even without signing up. The free version is limited to 15-minute recordings with watermarks.

Even the paid version of this software doesn’t cost a fortune. It only costs a meagre $15 annually to use all its powerful tools.

Screencast-O-Matic can help you easily record your videos. As compared to other free screen recorders, there are some great benefits of using Screencast-o-Matic, as it offers users the ability for viewers to add comments, add notes for creators, click indicators, highlighted cursors and much more.

Screencast-o-matic dashboard (Digital Growth Tool)

This video maker and editor can be launched directly from a browser. It has been widely used in the education and business sectors with over 9 million in their community and trusted by Fortune 100 companies and individuals in 190 countries.

NOTE: For a complete and detailed guide on how to use Screencast-O-Matic, click here. By the way, you can use it for free also without even creating an account with them. However, with an account with them, you will be able to store your videos on their servers and edit on the go as well. Click here to try it out.


The above mentioned digital tools are a mouthful. It may be unrealistic to think you need to use all of these tools. However, you will need like 80% of the tools if you are starting a website, a store or a blog.

While you can use Constant Contact if you want smooth operations for your business and everything in one place (website, email marketing, lead generation, forms, surveys, logo maker, social sharing scheduler, advertising etc.), you can also create a website, blog or store on WordPress and set up Google Search Console, Google My Business, Buffer and others.

I believe you get the gist.

Don’t worry, everyone needs help at some point. 

Therefore, feel free to ask us questions by clicking here or just hit us up directly on Whatsapp.

You can also contact me for the following support and guide:

  1. Want to launch your business and you’d like to have all your business tools in one place? Then Constant Contact is for you. You can chat us up on Whatsapp so we can guide you on how to use it best to your advantage.
  2. Want to start a blog, website or e-commerce store that makes money? You can also chat us up on Whatsapp or click here so we can help you set it all up in a few minutes.
  3. You can also take a free 6-day blogging course on how to start a blog that makes money. Click here now.
  4. Finally, if you haven’t joined our Telegram Community, you can click here to join now.

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