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5 Ways to Grow your Small Business with Digital Marketing

5 Ways to Grow your Small Business with Digital Marketing

It’s no longer a doubt that businesses without an online presence is leaving so much money on the table.

And so, such kind of business will more likely be losing out on more customers.

Now more than ever, businesses have seen the importance of taking their business online.

One of the key ways of achieving this is through digital marketing!

Over the last few years, digital marketing has been identified as one of the most efficient means of growing businesses, cost effective and highly measurable.

Isn’t that cool?

So how do you grow your business (even if small) with digital marketing?

In this article, we will show you 5 ways to grow your small business with digital marketing.

  1. Build a simple website for your business
  2. Set up an email marketing strategy
  3. Create a social media presence
  4. Build a relationship with your customers (customer service,
  5. Do strategic giveaways, coupons, refer-a-friend, etc.

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Now let’s take a look at each of the ways one after the other.

1. Build a Simple Website for your Business

According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store. This buying behaviour trend emphasizes the importance of a business website for today’s businesses.

A typical consumer journey as illustrated by Lyfe Marketing

If you want your business to be successful in this modern-day whether corporate, e-commerce, etc., you really need to get a professional and fully functional website.

Having a website for your business will not only make you visible online to a wider range of customers or prospects, but your brand will also be more credible and professional. You will attract new or more customers, save cost and most importantly, you will be able to measure what your ideal customers are doing online and target them.

In addition to the above, since your website is open 24/7, you can make money round the clock while gaining free advertising for your business.

Check out the 10 reasons your business needs a website to learn more.

Need assistance with building a highly profitable website for your business? Click here to contact us now for a 30-minute free consultation.

In a case where you are looking to build a website, there are so many tools and platforms you can use.

While you can build your website on WordPress, we recommend that you host it on Bluehost or Namecheap. These web hosting companies have some of the best infrastructures for WordPress websites.

However, if you want a complete solution for your business, we recommend that you try out Constant Contact website builder and email marketing suite.

With Constant Contact, you can build a world-class business website in minutes using their beautiful pre-built web templates and a drag-and-drop interface.

And did we say you can’t run out of ideas and images?

Well, yes! Constant Contact gives you access to over 550,000 free, professional-quality images and hosts your website for as low as $10/month.

It’s a perfect choice if you want a complete sync with your email marketing, advertising, social media and lead generation.

Want to build a website and grow your business? Try Constant Contact now.

2. Set up an Email Marketing Strategy

Did you know it’s extremely cheaper winning a new customer via email than any other marketing channels?

That’s right!

And that’s why email marketing must be one of your marketing strategies.

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There’s a lot you can achieve by setting up an email marketing strategy. Apart from the fact that you will effortlessly grow your mailing list of potential customers, you will find it a lot easier to sell in the nearest future.

While one of your email marketing strategies can be to use a lead magnet (e.g. ebook) to generate leads and convert a percentage of your mailing list to customers, it’s important to note that you will need a really robust and efficient email marketing solution.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a way of asking your readers to download a valuable content for free in exchange for their email address. Usually an ebook, checklist, report, infographics, templates, etc.

Although there are several email marketing solutions out there, very few can get you the desired results. Some of those solutions include Constant Contact, Moosend, GetResponse, ConvertKit, MailerLite.

Constant Contact Email Marketing

We recommend Constant Contact because of its ease of use, email deliverability, tons of business growth tools and most importantly, their customer service.

Want to develop an email marketing strategy to grow your business? Try Constant Contact now.

3. Create a Social Media Presence

You will be shocked that there are still millions of businesses that are yet to come on social media, let alone own a website.

Ignorantly, they don’t know how much they are missing out.

Don’t fall under this category. You can do better!

Even if you cannot afford to build a website at the moment, make sure you have Whatsapp Business, create social media handles and link them to your Whatsapp Business.

That way, you are most likely going to get exposed to more people and hence, more customers.

Make sure that you regularly update your brand’s social handles with content that resonates and entertains. This will help keep your audience engaged with your brand.

In addition to the above, you can set aside a little monthly budget to promote your business on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Most importantly, there is no easier way to grow your customer base than providing value and then having your customers promote your brand for you.

It’s that simple, you know!

4. Build a Relationship with your Customers

It’s way easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than getting a new one.

What this means is that you have to find a way to build a lasting relationship with your customers. This can be achieved in so many ways. However, you have to find the one that works best in your business.

In our own case, it might be to give an after-service for free to our clients and follow up on their development. That way, your customers will always have a reason to come back.

In other words, make sure that your customer service experience center is top-notch.

Customers don’t care if you have a huge customer service experience center or not, what matters is if you are delivering to their satisfaction

So, work on that today and see positive results as they roll in.

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5. Do Strategic Giveaways, Coupons, Promos, Refer-a-friend, etc.

While you have to be strategic in getting more customers, they are certainly surefire approaches you can use.

One of those approaches is referrals. Referrals make it easier for you to get new customers almost for free. But often, we never ask for referrals, so we miss out on chances of new customers.

Discounts, coupons and giveaways are another set of strategies that work like magic. A lot of us love free stuff!

No one can resist amazing offers, not even the world’s richest. Just kidding.

The point is that you can use amazing offers to generate tons of email subscribers (prospects) for your business. Take for instance if you run an e-commerce business, you can give a coupon offering on your products (something like 50% off if you enter your email address and name).

The above can work perfectly well if you are pre-selling an amazing product and link it all on automation with Constant Contact.

Like the above, you can never get it wrong with giveaways. Almost everyone loves great giveaways.

Even us!

Your giveaway can serve as a lead magnet. You give something really valuable away in order to win the trust of people. That way, they give you their email addresses and names or even phone numbers.

With these set of contact information, you can pitch your sales.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Constant Contact be used to build an email list?

Yes, perfectly well. In fact, it has a lot of functionality for building your email lists. For instance, you can create beautiful opt-in forms in seconds to collect email addresses. Get started here.

Email marketing: building a mailing list
2. Can Constant Contact be used to build a website?

Yes, it can. Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop website builder with beautiful pre-built templates that set you up for sales in minutes. Get started here.

3. Can Whatsapp Business serve as a website for my business?

Although Whatsapp Business can never replace the actual functions of a business website, it can be very efficient when it comes to communicating directly with your prospects and customers.

In the current age of conversational marketing, Whatsapp has become an integral part of every online business. While it’s used for customer service, you can close sales from inside the app and also follow up on prospects and customers.

Read: Ultimate Guide on How to Use WhatsApp for Business: Tips for Marketing & Customer Service.


There you have the 5 ways to grow your small business with digital marketing. Let’s mention that the above listed approaches require effort and if implemented properly, you will see a huge improvement on your sales and profit.

Should you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section. We will answer them to your satisfaction.

Lastly, don’t forget to share this post on your favourite social media platform. As always, someone might need this piece of information.



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